Gustavo was a waiter at a little Argentinian Bistro near my place in Venice, California in the 1980’s.  His uncle was the owner and Gustavo waited tables and helped him run the place.  The food was pretty good.  I ate there somewhat often but usually got take out.  Gustavo lit up whenever I came in, he had a huge smile and was very friendly.  He almost always poured me a big glass of wine.  I thought he was a hot fucker but pegged him as straight.  He wore really cheap cologne.  The smell mixed with his sharp sweat and body odor really turned me on. I would sit in the cafe imagining what his thick crotch smelled like, his dense matt of pubes marinating in the dribbles of clotted jizz that came from his hot leaking Argentinian cock.

Gustavo was  friendly and kept asking me to come by his place sometime for a drink and to “watch TV”. I always found an excuse to say no, sure he was straight and that I’d be stuck close to him wanting to fuck and frustrated.

One really muggy Saturday afternoon I was out in Culver City dropping off some dry cleaning.  Gustavo was walking down the sidewalk shirtless in tight worn satin soccer shorts. His cock hung heavily.  He broke a huge smile and said hello. He reached down and scratched his throbbing balls. He told me I had no excuse not to come by his place as he lived right around the corner.  He reached his hand up from his crotch and stroked one of his tits while he talked to me. He was very matter of fact about it… It just seemed natural that he would twist his nipple in front of a hot guy his own age who was practically a stranger. My mouth got dry and I said yes.

His place was tiny and very tight inside.  He offered me a beer and sat right beside me on his small sofa.  The place was really stuffy and hot.  It smelled of cologne and sour sweat. There were a couple of pairs of wet sweat stained shorts hanging on a chair across the room. The yellow musky funk in his old wet shorts was filling the small space. I closed my mouth and breathed deeply through my nostrils, eager to experience the sensation. Gustavo asked me if I was comfortable. I smiled back at him, not sure where this was going. My cock was getting jumpy and I’m sure I wasn’t hiding the fact well. The TV was on, blaring some Spanish language sports commentary at high volume. I sipped the beer and looked down as Gustavo was rubbing his cock through his shorts.   He looked at me crooked as if “what the fuck”….. Then he leaned over and kissed me very hard, my head spinning from desire and his thick pungent smell, I sucked hard on his tongue and reached down to tickle his damp balls. He ran his lips gently across mine and slid back to nibble behind my ear.  His fingers rubbed eagerly on my nipples. I pushed my mouth back to his and our tongues darted lovingly together. My cock almost exploded! He literally ripped my t-shirt off my chest as we fell together.

His cock smelled and tasted better than I had imagined.  I’m not sure if he had ever washed his cock, the smell was so over powering. His uncut cock was thick and blunt, the foreskin hung loosely around the head, revealing a slick inner suface. When I licked back behind his balls I thought I had gone to heaven. His butt was quick to my licking. Gustavo was proud of his cock and balls he loved the attention I gave them. He told me later that no one before me had eaten his ass so good. He fucked me like a stallion but what he really wanted was to take my cock.  The first time I fucked him he ended up with his satin shorts hiked up over his crotch and butt, all tied up and twisted and soaked in our musky sex.  As I fucked him my cock rubbed across the satin fabric.  The throbbing walls of my cock smearing thick gobs deep into the grain. The sensation was fantastic. Gustavo looked into my eyes as he purred and pushed his hot ass back in a rhythm all his own. The knot of wet funky satin rubbed along my cock like a well tuned bow on a violin. I angled my thrust to rub more on his shorts and started pounding his prostate with an urgent need. He started telling me he wanted my cum in him. Just like that: “cum inside, cum inside, cum inside”. I was swept into this man’s crazy moves. His hips kept bucking and I felt like we were dancing together. My cock delivered all Gustavo wished for and more. We both came so much our crotches and chests were covered in warm sticky spunk. Gustavo’s shorts were soaked in my sticky cum, matted to our writhing bodies. I yanked his shorts as I ground my thick pubes into his tight bucking ass. We pushed ourselves together my cock still bucking inside him as we soul kissed and melted into the heat, our sweat and our feelings. The TV kept blaring, my brain spun in lust… I loved fucking this hot macho Argentinian stud.

I have never looked at soccer shorts the same way again….

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